About Us

Towne International is comprised of a team that has in-depth knowledge of both manufacturing our products as well as distribution. This expertise combined with a robust international network of manufacturers, dealers, and dentists allow us to deliver unparalleled value to your business. We have a background of over four generations of experience working with the biggest names in the dental industry and have manufactured OEM products for established brand names throughout the USA, South Korea, Japan, Italy, The UK, and Germany. With our offices now centered in the USA, we are able to deliver the highest quality of products with extremely competitive sales and after sales services with the minimum of hassle to our clients.

Our History
Our involvement with the dental industry hearkens back to 1940, when our forefathers established manufacturing capabilities in regards to dental instruments. Since then, we have grown and established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with in our industry, growing steadily for over four generations and amassing expertise and skills which put our products on par to many of the top products in the world. With over four generations of experience at our disposal, our products are both economical and competitive. The result is simple: our clients are empowered, and enabled to do more with less. With the establishment of our offices in the USA, we are now able to offer a greater degree of convenience and services to our clients, hence enabling us to provide unprecedented value to our clients.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We help you grow by offering products and services that cannot be matched by any of our competitors. The synergy of price, quality and convenience that we offer our clients enables them to minimize a myriad of business risks and challenges. We are here to add energy and vitality to your business.

Our Passion
We strive to deliver a holistic quality experience, spanning not only our products, but service, value, and all factors in between.
It is our sincere belief that value addition takes place in every aspect of the business process, and through this, we strive passionately to deliver superior value to our customers.

Our Vision
We intend to become a comprehensive dental products supply company with a robust portfolio of products that cater to every segment and need in the dental market in a way that is efficient, cost effective, and convenient.

Delivery Info
A wide variety of deliver options are available depending on the size of your inquiry, as well as distance and time constraints. We are willing to facilitate our customers in any way possible. Please contact us via email for any special requirements.

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